In September 2013 we celebrated “Maptember” in the UK, with a range of amazing geographic and mapping meetings taking place. This page records those events, but don’t expect all these links to work.

All the Maptember t-shirts were sold, raising money for MapAction – look out for people wearing them at future conferences!

State Of The Map 2013
6th to 8th Maptember
SotM is the conference of OpenStreetMap, the project to make and distribute free geographic data for the world. This year SotM is being held in Birmingham, in the heart of the country.


AGI GeoCommunity ’13
16th to 18th Maptember
This year’s AGI GeoCommunity theme is “Open For Business”. It is the largest and most comprehensive independent conference in the UK digital mapping and data calendar. This year it happens at the EMCC in Nottingham.

AGI GeoComm ┬╗

FOSS4G 2013
17th to 21st Maptember
The 2013 Conference of the Free and Open-Source Software for Geospatial rolls into the Nottingham EMCC as the AGI GeoComm finishes. Up goes the GeoCamp tent, and in pour the greatest developers of open source software in the world.

Other Events (ordered by start date)
Society of Cartographers Conference 2013 in Stoke-on-Trent (2nd to 4th Maptember)Conference on Spatial Information Theory 2013 in Scarborough (3rd to 5th Maptember)British Cartographic Society Mapping 2013 Symposium in Leicestershire (3rd to 5th Maptember)Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society 2013 Conference in Glasgow (4th to 6th Maptember)
European Planetary Science Congress 2013 in London (8th to 13th Maptember)The Second Joint FIG/IAG/ISPRS Symposium on Deformation Monitoring in Nottingham (9th to 11th Maptember)The ESA Living Planet Symposium in Edinburgh (9th to 13th Maptember)OpenStreetMap Professional Large User Summit after SOtM, in Birmingham (9th Maptember)
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team House Hack Week (9th to 13th Maptember)QGIS-Dev Meeting in Brighton (12th to 16th Maptember)Royal Meteorological Society’s Second Amateur Meteorologists’ Conference in Reading (13th to 15th Maptember)GEOMED 2013 in Sheffield (16th to 18th Maptember)
Inaugural UK QGIS User Group Meeting in Maidenhead (27th Maptember)
One month of mapping madness not enough?

The ERDAS UGM in Oxfordshire (15th and 16th of Geoctober)

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